•Item name: aluminum door handle

•Application used for aluminium or UPVC inward opening casement windows and doors.

•Used with aluminium transmission devices, transmission bars and locking points to form 2 points or multi points locking system. •Material: die casting aluminium alloy

•Surface treatment: powder coating, spraying, painting and more

•Available color: White, black, silver, brown colors

•Accessories: with or without accessories.

Product Type: Aluminium Door & Window Hinge •Description : Aluminium window hinge •Finish: Powder coating Material: Aluminium alloy

•Aluminum Alloy Door and Window Hinge •Type: 360° Hinge •Finish: Powder Coating •Material: Alloy

The bearing has a round pancake design for excellent sliding performance. The edges of the shaft are equipped with a wear pad that rotates smoothly, quiet and quiet. Long service life.

•Sliding Door Wheels & Sliding Window Wheels

Description•Performance Sliding Wheels & Sliding Door Wheels & Sliding Window Wheels– introduction:

1. Products name:  Performance Sliding Wheels & Sliding Door Wheels & Sliding Window Wheels

2. Brand name: According to customers’ requirements

3. ID size: As per the customer’s technic drawing

4. Material: Plastic materials ( POM, PP, PA, nylon ) with carbon / chrome steel bearings

5. Color: All colors available

6. Surface treatment: Powder coating

7. Types: There are many different types with various sizes for our clients and we can also design or develop customized products as per the samples or drawings provided by our clients.

8. Application: Aluminum windows, shower blocks, hanging round, closet wheel, toys, etc

9.Details Features: Feel good, clearance of small, low-noise.